2018 Women in Leadership Series

2018 Women in Leadership Series

Pastor Siju Iluyomade the Host of the recently concluded 2018 Handmaidens Women In Leadership Series Conference: Leading Women "Breaking Barriers" opened the Conference with a mind blowing address tagged “SPRING into ACTION”.

She started with a quote from the poem of William Ross Wallace "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Is the Hand That Rules The World".
She asked the Women - Are We Ruling The World?.

She went on to tell the Women that a Leading Woman is a Mother, a Wife, a working Woman, an Entrepreneur, a Woman who is in service to Her Nation, a Woman who is in service to Her people and community and that a Mother does not necessarily need to be unemployed.

Here are some of her quotes.

"A Leading Woman goes with a certain attitude"

"Whatsoever You lay Your hands upon, it must prosper."

"A Leading Woman must be determined to BREAK BARRIERS".



Pastor Siju said to the Women, tell your Husbands "I would have mine, and I would take yours too". The applaud and laughter was explosive.

She went onto tell the Women that being a Christian does not mean you should not be successful, that if anything, you should know that the power to succeed is in your hands because the Almighty God has given you everything and all we need to do is to tap into it and stop being lazy. She said "Women, enough of begging". Get up and get to work.

Pastor Siju then as she was rounding up gave us some quotes to remember.

  • I’m fearfully and wonderfully made
  • I can DO ALL things through Christ that strengthens me.

  • I have to account for the talents that God has given me.

Eph 3:20 - God said he can do much more than ...

She then asked, How can we stimulate our ambitions?
She emphasised that, Women should stop hating fellow Women, stop envy, stop jealousy, stop tearing down, stop plotting evil against other women, that Women should begin to love one another as God Almighty commanded so as to fulfil purpose and Break Barriers fully.

#be your sister’s keeper.

In conclusion, Pastor Siju used Herself as an example of a Leading Woman Breaking Barriers because as they say, charity begins at home and a Leader must lead by example.

She said, She is a Pastor in full time Ministry, a Wife of a Pastor, A Mother, a Lawyer of many years in practice, an Entrepreneur who is in partnership with Her ChocoMilo... Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, working hard for Her daily bread.

She highlighted the fact that they could be paid for Pastoral work and duties but chose not to be paid to do Gods work and cautioned that the Church is not meant to be over burdened , She then left the women with the words of Apostle Paul 2 Thess 3: 6 - 11 "imitate us". "we did not eat anyone's bread without paying for it".

Pastor Siju told the Women to Spring into Action and get to work by Breaking all Barriers.





 Mrs Adekoya praised herself and told the story of how the Lizard praises itself saying " if no one praises me, I will praise my self". She goes on to say: “you must have a plan”.

Boldly Contested Presidency of the Bar Association but “it was not the turn of your zone”

Do not allow “naysayers” to discourage you.

Do not let geography deter your campaign. She travelled far and wide.

Understand the challenge fully.

Persistence - stick with the plan even if you fail at first. This may take you to a point of elevation - she went on to the World Bank Sanctions Board.

More elevations followed ...

The women who break down barriers are the ones who ignore the limits.

Preparation is important, expertise is key. prepare for your plan. what resources do you need. Develop your soft skills

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Change your request if you have been turned down in one way.

Establish a network of encouragers

I know that my shared knowledge will support your ability to navigate your own lives

NO ONE can make you feel inferior without your consent





Africa’s First Female Admiral

You must have a deep and abiding faith in God

We all have crises of confidence, self-esteem issues,

Psalm 139:14 fearfully and wonderfully made in spite to turned-in toes

  • Believe in yourself
  • Planning
  • Be strategic

Your enemies will not die, they will live to see your glory

Sunny Ade - Ki ku ma p’ota mi ...

Looking ahead to see what you are likely to encounter and working towards it.

“Intentionality” by Imo Oyewole - whatever you are going to do, be intentional about it.

Get yourself tutored in your weak areas

There are no free dinners, you must work for success that will be abiding.

Read the history.


Do not take your eye off the ball. Follow God’s direction

Ecc 9:10 Whatever your hands find to do, do it well

Adversities shape and strengthen us

Women fought their husbands for beign beaten by a woman in Defence College.

Women cannot afford to be enemies of other women

Itunu’s moniker is an Eagle, flies alone, flies far, flies high!,,, Looks down to see what they have not seen.

Olympic quote - you are my adversary and not by enemy. For your resistance gives me strength. Your will gives me courage. etc. should I succeed, I will not humiliate you.

Matt 25:15b To every man according to his own ability. You have your own talent ...

The impossible Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman is YOU!!! The passage says please have “VEX MONEY”

Excel in the workplace, house of God and everywhere you find yourself

Celebrate her Role Models NA1 General Wellington Umo Bassey

#NN1Admiral Female

(I love Oprah & Hillary Rodham Clinton)

Find Motivators - the ones who say You can do it.

Celebrating the wonderful man she married - Mr Abayomi Hotonu who raised the children.

The choice of spouse is a critical success factor

Moms & Grandmoms and Aunties who provide family support

My superiors supported on merit; the ones who break barriers for you

Difficulties - wise as serpents , have a lip on you. @Sexual Harassment is real.

  • “Augmentee” Husband

  • Our Dress sense - jeans major

  • Dress the way you wish to be addressed

If you want a place in the sun, you must be ready to put up with blisters




Acquire the skills

Words are very powerful

What are you telling yourself when you wake up in the morning

Knocked down?, get up and go again

God will make them look at you in a different light

Believe, go out there and smash it



If you had a son, can he marry you?

Purposed to be “The light in every situation”, will not add to the darkness quota of the world.

Her father and mother raised to be independent

Very deliberate about the things I tell myself

Numbers 27; daughters of Zelophehad who partnered to get their father’s inheritance.

Partnerships can be very beneficial

#Be the light



Technical knowledge does not make you the best, you must grow yourself

Support by Women - financial support of power ladies

Women went the extra mile all over Africa

Have some lip on you “Taker of people to Dubai”

Barriers to entering the Circle of Power, women are based around relationships.

We must elect Women.

We need a balanced narrative.

#Taker of people to Dubai.  



Believe in yourself, ankara strips initial feedback was poor.

Was not sent to everyone. Be your most authentic self.

Peter inspired her. Walking on water in a situation of fear.

“If it is you Lord, bid me come to you”. Jesus heard “Come”.

Ituen hears God, if you copy her and didn’t get the next instruction, you’ll fall!

#Be your authentic self.   



She made a mistake, told the truth and it did not swing in her favour;

Her dreams were cut down but God elevated her in HIS time.

Failure is good, it can only help you rise.

The nurturing side of us, celebrates kind words we can give each other.

“Reach and Touch Days”

Celebrate Women who partner with other women.

What are you doing for other women?

#Failure helps you rise.    



Advocate of people on same journey

Confidence after taking the amputation decision

Capacity - know when to shut down

Climbed 2 Mountains

The core is in YOU and is from God

She’s now intentional about the people around me.

Sometimes upset with God but it doesn't get you anywhere.

#The core is in you.   



A woman in the cockpit of White males being often mis-categorized and belittled.

Sitting through sexist jokes, who then takes the plane down with a “greaser”.

Be good at what you do!

If I fall down 5 times, I will rise 7 years

No one can keep me down except me.

#Land you with a greaser




The story of creation of woman

God made us enough

Men are very important and strategic to the journey of women

The 3 C's

Competence: shine by being the best at it

Capital: not just money, brand “YOU” are the Capital.

Commitment: stick with it.

Travel & Law

“stand up” and “kill it” with her mouth.

The role of men - Lagos Clubs, full of men. society has constrained us from adequate networking. Women wake up and get together, work together and stop hating each other.

Be friendly, be charming

Mentorship: take people under your wing

The role of sponsorship, find men to understudy. They will take you higher.

#kill it