2018 Women in Leadership Series

Pastor Siju Iluyomade the Host of the recently concluded 2018 Handmaidens Women In Leadership Series Conference: Leading Women "Breaking Barriers" opened the Conference with a mind blowing address tagged "SPRING into ACTION". She started with a quote from the poem of William Ross Wallace "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Is the Hand That Rules The World". She asked the Women - Are We Ruling The World?. [...]

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Everybody needs help because there are so many things that the beautiful clothing, beautiful faces of women seem to hide, and that is why we need to go behind closed doors. Going behind closed doors is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing quite upsetting that creates greater loneliness than a fading marriage. After salvation, your marriage comes next. For those who are not yet married, it would be better that you learn the rudiments of marriage. [...]

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2017 Women in Leadership Series

Our objective is to challenge more women to take on positions of responsibility in line with scriptural principles and ensure we impact our homes, businesses and society positively in growing our nation. In line with the objectives above, the Handmaidens have a number of initiatives including a series of talks focusing on women leading change in our society. [...]

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